I have completed my studies for the Montessori Casa, children aged 3-6.  While I’ve not had time to check all the written content I have found time to add the pictures I took, which will hopefully brighten up the pages.

I have started the 6 -12 programme now and this summer covered a lot of the materials and theory for the Elementary child.  You can find information about this, especially for the 6 – 9 child, the rest will follow over time.

These resources have been made available as a response to questions regarding the Montessori method and to help knowledge of the method spread and reach a greater number of children. I want to stress that I am not a teacher trainer. If you wish to become a teacher I would fully recommend the detailed personal instruction from an AMI qualified trainer.

The 3-6 presentations are based on guidelines for 2011 which have varied over the years. The information on 6-12 is based on the guidelines from 2012.

Please send me your feedback if you find any errors. Please feel free to send me your feedback regarding the site in general as it is a work in progress.