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Montessori Commons is a global place of sharing Maria Montessori’s vision of inclusive education for peace. Here you will find comprehensive and easy to search information on theory and practice for working with children aged two and a half to twelve. If you are new to this, the content can be simply overwhelming. A good place to start is our Casa Course. Montessori education is holistic, meaning that a full grasp of how and why learning is structured is essential, so we have organised the casa email course as an introduction to the materials for younger children - the proceeds of which go to help maintain the website.

I also offer in-person and online training in the materials and can support individuals and collaborative teams develop efficient, participatory learning communities. I have an MSc in Education for Sustainability, a Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Education (Special Needs) and experience working with small and large bilingual, diverse schools. I use Nonviolent, Sociocratic methods to facilitate education communities in taking steps to live the principles of peace now, rather than hope for change tomorrow. I am also a Person-centred Counsellor in training (registered with BACP) and able to offer supervision to individual leaders, teachers and homeschoolers on their journey to teach in a child-centred way.

Please get in touch with questions and suggestions for how I can help you as you support children. The information on this site comes from my descriptions of AMI trainings and is free for you to use under the Creative Commons Licence, please just quote us as the source. For more information about other projects I am in involved with, take a look at Vibrant Life.

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The Creative Commons

The Creative Commons licence means all of the work on Montessori Commons is available for FREE. People around the world now have access to high quality and accurate Montessori information to use how they wish.

You may use these materials under the following conditions. If you use the materials you should reference Montessori Commons as the original source. If you adapt it, you must re-share it. You should not, and will never have to pay to access the information available on this site.

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