Peaceful relationships in the classroom and at home


  • 1 Hour session delivered via the internet
  • Help to develop peaceful relationships
  • Develop your knowledge of Nonviolence and Montessori methods
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I have experience in working collaboratively with children, parents and teachers, helping individuals communicate with each other and children in a way in which everyone’s needs matter. The spirit of Nonviolence, at the heart of Montessori, goes beyond the classroom materials to the spirit of the directress. This is an opportunity to get support for yourself to do the incredible job you aspire to do.

I will help you move away from the language of punishment and reward, used in traditional school systems, to one based on observations, feelings, needs and requests. And as you become more familiar with this way of being you will become able offer children experiences free from guilt, blame, anger and shame and into their own freedom, power, creativity, responsibility and love. This work is based on the work of Marshall Rosenburg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Here is an inspiring video of one young person who received this kind of parenting.