Introduction to Mathematics

“The abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics)” Oxford Dictionary of English 3rd Edition, OUP, 2010 Mathematics makes it possible to observe, consider and appreciate parts and aspects of entities with precision, to make comparisons and establish

Group 1: Numbers 1 to 10

Arithmetic of Variables (Group 1) The Number Rods, Sand Paper Cyphers and Number Rods and Cards form the first half of the Maths Materials for Group 1, in which the ‘Addition of Variables’ takes place The Number Rods The Number Rods are similar to the Red Rods, only here they are rendered countable by blue

Group 2: Decimal System

The Decimal System (Group Two) The decimal system is a numeral system which organises and classifies numerical quantities into different hierarchies of units.  In the Casa it is offered when the child can count to ten with complete understanding; with the knowledge of the symbols 1-9 and can recognise zero.  The child is given the

Group 3: Counting

Linear Counting (Group 3) Introduction The names of the numbers are introduced in Group 1 with the ‘Formation of Numbers’ when the Director checks the correspondence of the quantities with the card, she uses the conventional names for the tens and combinations of tens and units. As the child works with the decimal system she

Group 4: Memorisation of Tables

Exploration and Memorisation of Numbers – (Group IV) These exercises aim to help the child with basic operation, preparing for Mental Mathematics.  This group can come after the Decimal System (Group II), parallel to Linear Counting (Group III) or before it.  The child must have acquired the ability to make dynamic shifts and have the

Group 5: Towards Abstraction

Passage to Abstraction – (Group V)  Since beginning Mathematics as a sensorial exploration of Multiples of Variables and Groups, the child has handled successively more abstract representations of quantity using the Golden Beads, Stamps and Dots.  She has applied the operations to these representations of quantities, manipulating them to perform dynamic shifts from one category

Group 6: Fractions

Fractions Material Description: Ten green frames each with a circular red inset – one inset is whole, the others are divided into equal parts, each part having a knob Printed slips – one set with symbols of fractions, another with labels for common denominators A set of questions for the operations Working Mat and felt

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