The World of Plants (Botany) and The World of Animals (Biology and Chemistry) A plant is a living organism manufacturing its own food (autotrophic) while animals require carbon to be fixed by plants which they digest (heterotrophs). Traditionally plants are divided into ground cover or non flowering plants and seed producing and flowering plants. The


World of Man (History) Like Geography, this is a point of departure for language and to add variety and further Sensorial experience.  History shows how life was lived at different times, while Geography shows life in different regions.  We present facts through artefacts and language.  The transformation from Geography to History is accomplished through the

Art and Handicraft – making and appreicating

Art and Handicraft In the Children’s House creating is a preparation, as the child develops her understanding and language she seeks to express herself if given the necessary freedom.  Mental and manual abilities prepare the child for art and craft alongside language, giving her the ability to create.  “Art” is understood to be the human

Using Sensorial Materials to develop language

What are the File Drawings? We compile set of Botany file drawings as a reference for ourselves, to help produce Materials Leaf Folder Classifying Cards Folders Booklets Teacher trainees have a reference book with pictures, terms and the type of numbering to use. Nomenclature Cards enlarge the child’s Scientific vocabulary which is attractive to the

Culture Theory

Technology and culture has allowed us to become specialists, living beyond our independent means, we rely on others for the fulfilment of our physical, emotional and spiritual needs, from pilgrimage to industrialised farming our culture is all around us and sustains us. Any baby is attached through the ‘link of love’ to learn the totality


The World  The Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods for Language are used n the Montessori Method to provide a love for Geography and a foundation for further study.New technical language is easily and joyfully taken in by the child during this period.  Terms for Land and Water masses, countries, continents are given so that

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