Introducing Grace and Courtesy Activities

Grace can be defined as harmony between body and mind, for a young child, grace is the ability to complete a series of simple gestures and movements with dignity. Courtesy is harmony between an individual and their society, this can be expressed in situations without any direct social interaction as consideration and independence, e.g. refraining

Activities for offering items to others

Offerings Introduction: Offering objects to people is done in daily life, we can offer visitors refreshments, a chair, objects in our surroundings.  The activities of offering help the child to confidently welcome visitors, making a successful adaptation to her society, rather than becoming anxious when new people are present, this helps inculcate social values of

Ten more activities for Grace and Courtesy

Blowing ones nose Introducing oneself, friends and an adult Opening a door for another Knocking before entering Offering help to a friend Giving comfort to a friend Offering a chair to a visitor Ordering food in a restaurant Serving a guest at a Dining Table Passing a platter of food and choosing one item Giving

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