Grace and Courtesy

Activities for offering items to others



Offering objects to people is done in daily life, we can offer visitors refreshments, a chair, objects in our surroundings.  The activities of offering help the child to confidently welcome visitors, making a successful adaptation to her society, rather than becoming anxious when new people are present, this helps inculcate social values of sharing and caring for others.  These presentations are conducted at the end of the day to small groups of children as the movements are too minute to be seem by a large group of children.  It is important to have someone to conduct the demonstration with who is able to give appropriate responses, helping the child to anticipate reactions to her offers and to control the presentation.

To give the presentation analyse all the movements involved and bend slightly forward to demonstrate a respectful attitude, considering the convenience and safely of the person receiving the object and hold the object only as long as is necessary.  Small role plays help the child to understand how to offer an object in different contexts, e. g. Home, school, at a social gathering.  We offer these presentations to demonstrate an ethical code of behaviour and offer them the freedom to repeat as some may not have the freedom to practice at home.

Offering a cup of tea

In class discuss how we take care of guests giving them comfortable chairs and refreshments.  Use stories to illustrate this.


  • Have a cup of tea and a saucer with a teaspoon on a saucer.
  • The handles of the cup and spoon should be placed to the left with the cup facing away from the giver, so that a right handed receiver can hold them. (turn the handles to the left for a left handed recipient)
  • The spoon should be between the giver and the cup, behind the cup from the recipients point of view
  • The handle of the spoon and cup should be dry
  • Make eye contact with the person receiving the tea, to be friendly and make sure that they are ready to receive the object.
  • Ideally use a tray to carry the cup and saucer on, if there is no tray make sure that the hands do not touch

Offering a Pointed or Sharp Object 

When offering a pointed object ensure that no-one is endangered by the point by keeping it to the left, held so that the recipient can easily take it.

Offering a Pointed Object (scissors)


  • Hold the scissors with the fingers wrapped around the blade as usual
  • Standing the recipients right side and slightly behind  open our the scissors and put them in-front of her hand so that her fingers should slide into the holes for the thumb and fingers and so be able to use it immediately

Offering a Sharp Object (knife)


  • The knife is held by the handle as usual until the holder is next to the recipient, on the right hand side
  • Hold the knife at the handle, just before the blade begins, pointing the sharp edge downwards
  • The recipient’s fingers should be able to grasp the handle and use it immediately


  • Use a rounded pair of scissors or knife with no sharp points
  • For a left-handed recipient stand at the left side

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