Coaching for parents, including homeschooling-parents enables adults to reflect on how they can facilitate their child’s development at home by preparing activities in a Montessori informed way and understand the how these activities are underpinned by Montessori philosophy. The activities, while important in themselves also help prepare children for other activities, language development, sensorial and motor skills, communication, cooperation and greater independence. Juggling roles of ‘parent’ and ‘educator’ can be a tricky area for many adults and the relationship is key, when there is more than one child or a child has additional needs things can get even trickier. Helping children to understand and manage their moods through co-regulation helps the whole child and is essential for children who are anxious, depressed or struggle with intense feelings. 

I have an extensive background as an Internal Montessori School teacher in Hong Kong, Germany having trained in India and Ireland. I hold an MSc in Education for sustainability as well as an MSc in person-centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. My breadth professional training in Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Brainspotting, as well as my qualifications and practical experience, gives me a unique perspective to recognise the common pitfalls we as parents and educators commonly fall into and provide support in developing ways forward.

If you think that Parent & Homeschool Coaching may be useful for you in your situation, you can send me a message using the form below to arrange a free 15-minute consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn about you?

To learn about me, you can visit my profile here on or visit my private practice website at

Do you work in-person or online?

I provide these therapeutic counselling services online via zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams or an application of your choosing. Working online allows me to work with clients globally, reduces the cost of these services and allows flexibility with scheduling. If you are based in Auckland, New Zealand, we can arrange in-person consultations as needed.

How much do you charge?

I charge NZ$150 per hour for individual coaching and counselling sessions. That translates to approximately US$100, GBP £80, EUR €74 or INR ₨7,300.

Prices are excluding GST. Clients located outside of New Zealand do not pay GST. I accept all major credit and debit cards.

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