As a Montessori classroom guide, I felt that there were times when having someone outside of my school to talk to would have been very beneficial. Especially someone who understood the pressures of a Montessori school and the tensions between the ideals we long for and practical challenges.

While counsellors and social workers have professional supervision often teachers do not and yet the problems teachers face can be similar and equally challenging. Montessori guides/directors and adults looking to bring a child-centred focus to other environments can benefit from having a private space to talk through personal conflicts and those between staff, parents, concerns about children and other issues. School leaders either new to their role or wanting to stay engaged and responsive also benefit from having an opportunity to reflect on whole-school and personal challenges.

Classroom Directors and Leaders in International Montessori Schools often face multiple challenges at once, new job, relocation and cultural shock after moving to a new country these can lead to overwhelm and undesirable coping mechanisms. Support & Supervision in these scenarios can prove to be helpful for Educators and Institutions and I’m interested in developing employee wellness or supervision service for Montessori Schools. Bringing a new way of learning into the world is not a challenge to be faced alone.

I have an extensive background as an International Montessori School teacher in Hong Kong, Germany having trained in AMI Casa and Elementary in India and Ireland. I hold an MSc in Education for Sustainability as well as an MSc in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. My breadth professional training, qualifications and practical experience, gives me a unique perspective to provide an incredibly tailored service to Montessori Schools and Institutions around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn about you?

To learn about me, you can visit my profile here on or visit my private practice website at

Do you work in-person or online?

I provide these therapeutic counselling services online via zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams or an application of your choosing. Working online allows me to work with clients globally, reduces the cost of these services and allows flexibility with scheduling. If you are based in Auckland, New Zealand, we can arrange in-person consultations as needed.

How much do you charge?

I charge NZ$150 per hour for individual coaching and counselling sessions. That translates to approximately US$100, GBP £80, EUR €74 or INR ₨7,300.

Prices are excluding GST. Clients located outside of New Zealand do not pay GST. I accept all major credit and debit cards.

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