Why Elementary Movements?

An Introduction to Elementary Movements Receiving your children The infant arrives in the Children’s Home having already seen the Elementary Movements performed countless times at home by her family, but performed inconsistently, hurriedly and whilst many other activities are happening.  The performance of Elementary Movements by the Directress gives the opportunity for the infant to

Rolling and Unrolling a Working Mat

Rolling the Working Mat Material Description: Working mats have two lines to indicate one-third from each edge, the lines must be visible on both sides of the mat, they can be made with paint or ribbon.  The perimeter of the mat is also marked to identify the edges clearly. Presentation: Bring a rolled mat to

Sitting on a Chair at a Table

Material Description: Table and chair of appropriate size for child, the child’s feet should sit flat on the floor. Presentation: Have a child’s chair and table placed at an oblique angle to the children Stand to the side away from the children Bring the chair out from underneath the table, holding the backrest or seat

Screwing and unscrewing bottles

Material Description: In a basket or tray have some bottles with different types of cap, they should be of types used later in the Children’s home, e.g. polish container, cleaning fluid.  Invite the child to bring two bottles or a tray of bottles to a chowki. Presentation: Take a bottle and place it on the

Putting down and lifting a glass

Material Description: In a basket or tray have some bottles with different types of glasses, of different sizes.  The glasses should be kept on a tray and the tray should be on a firm surface. Presentation: To lower bring the hand down to just above the tray Tilt the wrist so that the bottom of

Putting down a chowki (small table)

Material Description: A chowki Presentation: Insert fingers of one hand under the surface of the chowki at the middle point Place the thumb on the upper surface Do the same with the other hand Lift the chowki keeping the surface flat Bring the chowki down towards the floor Tilt it at the right base corner

Moving a large table

Material Description: A light weight large table, at a height suitable for children to work at.  An older child familiar with this presentation or a primed adult will be needed to assist the presentation. Presentation: Two people are needed for this presentation, standing at the tables mid-point, opposite to each other, facing the table.  The

Folding napkins along the diagonal

Material Description: These napkins are made from a durable, good quality cotton, (casement fabric) in plain, light colours.  The napkin measures 28 cm2 when washed and hemmed.  The only design should be a running stitch or line made in contracting colour to be a guiding line for the folds, visible on both sides of the

Carrying a sharp or pointed object

In general if one is carrying a sharp or pointed object it is carried in a tray.  If not, hold the object away from yourself with the sharp side facing down and to the left. Scissors Material Description: A child size scissor with rounded points and a distinct handle, have left and right handed scissors

Ten more Elementary Movements

Putting down a rolled Working Mat Picking up folded Cloths Carrying small folded Cloths Sitting on a Mat Carrying a tray Pouring water from a Teapot Using a Pedal Bin Opening and Closing Boxes Carrying a Bucket containing water Using a Pipette Putting down a rolled Working Mat Material Description: Working mats have two lines

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