Elementary Movements

Screwing and unscrewing bottles

Material Description:

In a basket or tray have some bottles with different types of cap, they should be of types used later in the Children’s home, e.g. polish container, cleaning fluid.  Invite the child to bring two bottles or a tray of bottles to a chowki.


  • Take a bottle and place it on the surface, tell the child the name of the bottle and ask her what she thinks it could be used to contain.
  • To unscrew the bottle hold the bottle, which is placed on a surface, with your left hand
  • With the thumb, index and middle finger of the right hand hold the cap, placing each digit sequentially
  • Turn the cap
  • Lift and replace the fingers after every turn
  • Lift the cap off the bottle
  • Using small pushes of the index finger invert the cap
  • Place the cap on the surface
  • Remove both hands one at a time


  • To close the bottle hold the bottle with your left hand
  • Pick up the cap with three digits of the right hand
  • Invert the cap with the index finger, rotating the wrist
  • Position the cap exactly over the bottle and lower it completely
  • With the same three digits screw on the cap, lifting them independently after each turn
  • Remove hands one by one
  • Invite the child to choose another bottle and open it in the same manner
  • Invite the child to open one or more bottles of her choosing



Points of Interest:

  • Position the cap properly
  • Lifting each finger at each turn
  • The cap is inverted when not on the bottle




  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Two and a half years





  • The cap is inverted so its contents do not stain the surface
  • If the child brings the whole basket show only two bottles, let her choose the second
  • Link this activity to carrying bottles, show how they must be held by the body (not the cap)




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