Materials for Touch

Smooth and Rough Boards The tactile sense is used, especially by very young children to establish contact with the world, when the child enters the Children’s Hose the tactile sense is waining, becoming less urgent so it is important to establish contact between the child and the material early on.  The fingertips are vital receptors

Thermic Tablets

Material Description: Material used to sensitise the hands Pairs of tablets made with different substances which vary by their ability to conduct heat e.g. wood, felt, cork, glass, marble, slate and iron.  All the squares are alike in size and each pair is made of the same colour Blindfold Note: Firstly, the hands are sensitised

Thermic Bottles

Material Description: Eight small receptacles, preferably thermos flasks or bottles in jackets, containing water at various temperatures: Two should be at body temperature, marked with a pink dot Two should be ten degrees Celsius warmer Two should be ten degrees Celsius cooler Two should be twenty degrees Celsius cooler Note: The bottles should be prepared

The Colour Tablets

Material Description: Box 1: A box containing six tablets made of lightweight wood, one pair of each of the primary colours, red, blue and yellow Box 2: A box containing twenty-two tablets, one of each pair of the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) the secondary colours (orange, purple and green) the tertiary colours (pink,

Tasting Bottles

Material Description: Eight little jars with droppers, with pairs of bottles containing various substances with distinct tastes; two contain saline solution, two sweetened lemon juice, two plain lemon juice and two a solution of bitter aloes.  Each set is distinguished from the other by a colour coded top.  Four small glasses and two spoons, a

Sound Boxes

Material Description: Two boxes each containing six cylinders: one set red, one set blue.  Each cylinder has a small quantity of beads (or other materials) inside.  The typeof the material inside the boxes varies with each pair; when they are shaken a different sound is created.  The sounds must be graded from loud to very

Smelling Bottles or Boxes

Material Description: Pairs of bottles containing various substances with distinct odours, such as spices, herbs and essential oils.  There are four sets with three pairs of bottles in each, the first pair contain contrasting smells – one each from the fields of cooking (e.g. herbs and spices), medicine (e.g. tiger balm, Salon, Vics, Dettol, eucalyptus

Geometry Cabinet and Cards

The materials introduce two-dimensional shapes, there are fourteen shapes and variations of these.  The third series of cards represents each shape as a thin line, a shape is the space inside the outline.  These materials move from the concrete shape which can be held and felt by the fingers as they run along the interior

Baric Tablets

Material Description: A box with three compartments, or three different boxes each containing five identical wooden tablets.  Each set of tablets is made of a different wood, with it’s own natural colour, so the tablets in it are visually distinct from the ones in other boxes, one set are light in weight, another medium and

Materials for Dimension

Cylinder Blocks Material Description: Four wooden blocks containing ten cylinders of different sizes, with knobs, each fitting into it’s respective hole. Block A: Each cylinder has the same diameter, they decrease in height successively from tall to short.  They differ in one dimension, height Block B: Each cylinder has the same height, decreasing in diameter

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