Language,Phonemes and Graphemes Chart

Phonemes and Graphemes Chart


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ai ai brain ai
(long vowel A) ay say ay
ei vein ei
a-e mate a-e
ee ee see ee
(long vowel E) ea read ea
ie field ie
y mummy y
e-e eve e-e
ie ie tie ie
(long vowel I) igh high igh
y my y
i-e lime i-e
oa oa foam oa
(long vowel O) oe toe oe
ow glow ow
o-e hole o-e
ue (or oo) ue blue ue
(long vowel U) ew flew ew
oo too oo
u-e crude u-e
er er letter er
ir tired ir
ur fur ur
e egg e
ea lead ea


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