Elementary Movements

Moving a large table



Material Description:

A light weight large table, at a height suitable for children to work at.  An older child familiar with this presentation or a primed adult will be needed to assist the presentation.




  • Two people are needed for this presentation, standing at the tables mid-point, opposite to each other, facing the table.  The Directress will lower the corner on her right first.
  • Place the fingers of the right hand under the table top and the thumb is placed above.  The fingers of the left hand are placed under the table top, followed by the thumb.
  • Look to the side in the direction they will carry the table
  • Bend the elbows slightly and raise the table from the floor, simultaneously
  • Walk to the side, avoiding any obstacles
  • If it is necessary to walk backwards move the head to check for obstacles
  • Bring the table down towards the floor
  • The directress tilts the corner on her right down towards the floor and away from the children, exaggerate this angle
  • Lower the leg of at the directress’s left till it touches the floor
  • The helper places the remaining two legs on the ground simultaneously
  • Move hands away one at a time
  • Repeat the presentation at a different angle
  • Each time you complete ask the children if they heard any noise



Points of Interest:

  • If the table is unequally weighted the children will not stand at the mid point but slightly at the side to compensate for the weight
  • The table top is kept level
  • Looking for obstacles
  • No noise should be heard when the table is lowered




  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Three to three and a half years




When well practiced this activity could be tried by older children taking the table outdoors, down a step or balancing an item on the surface.





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