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An 8-week email guide through the Montessori approach to the casa.

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About the course

This is an online course to guide you (teachers, assistants, homeschoolers and everyone) through the Montessori theory and practice in the Casa.

Each week you will receive an email that will guide you through the selected posts related to the weekly themes. The aim of the course is to help you understand Montessori Child Development, to guide the children in your care and improve your classroom environment.

The course costs a minimum of US$ 8 to register and begin receiving the emails.


Why so cheap?

We want Montessori Commons to be accessible to everyone, including volunteers and people working for no profit. We think Directors around the world will be able to afford US$ 8 and that is our minimum pricing. If you think Montessori Commons is a good resource and would like us to have the capacity to improve it for everyone please pay more, we think the course is well worth it.


Why should I sign up?

Montessori Commons began as an effort to spread the word and help broaden the reach of Montessori education. As I was doing my placement in Mumbai, I realised that many of the schools that are using the Montessori Method cannot afford expensive Montessori training courses. Looking online, I found limited in-depth resources available. And so, I started Montessori Commons to reach people who cannot access formal training.

By signing up you will not only support this mission as we will use the proceeds to edit and develop the site AND you will be guided through the resources on Montessori Commons in a way that will help you understand how the practices relate to each other.


How can the course help me?

New to Montessori?

If you are completely new to Montessori Education, each email will guide you through a topic in-depth so that you can fully understand it.

Already trained?

If you are already trained in Montessori, the course can act as a critical refresher course and it is useful for Nido, Toddler environment and Elementary teacher’s to know more about the Casa.

This course will also be useful for parents and assistants who want to know more about Montessori and Homeschoolers setting up their own environments. And for people interested in taking formal training and wanting to know more.

Additional information

Pay what you can

Minimum $8, I can afford more $15, Recommended $25