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Profile picture of Rachel Barraclough, the author of Montessori Commons

Rachel is originally from England and has lived in Asia for most of the past six years. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (UK) and has taught in International Schools.

Having studied teaching children aged between two and a half to twelve years with the Association Montessori International in Mumbai and Dublin Rachel has been working in Montessori settings for the past four years. She currently works in the Casa of a Education for Sustainability project in a Natural Park on Hong Kong Island.

Rachel has a Masters in Education for Sustainability from London South Bank University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Special Needs from the University of Nottingham and introductory Floortime training. She holds a view that Education for a sustainable future is Education which is inclusive (that is accessible to those who have additional needs - physical, linguistic, economic and so forth,) and it requires commitment from and contributes to families and communities as well as the natural world.

Rachel promotes Montessori globally through this website and facilitates Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshops for adults. She is also studying to become a trainer with The Focussing Institute. She hopes to bring together parents, teachers and others who support children to understand each other and effectively work together.

In her spare time she enjoys long distance walking, camping, film, music, visual arts, doing yoga and planning adventures.

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You may use these materials under the following conditions. If you use the materials you should reference Montessori Commons as the original source. If you adapt it, you must re-share it. You should not, and will never have to pay to access the information available on this site.

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I have included a link to Aseema, a charitable organisation helping children from the slums of Mumbai, if you have spare time, materials, cash or anything else please contact them they are wonderful. If you know of other great Montessori organisations working in difficult conditions let me know maybe we can promote them here too.

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Technology, Education and Design; TED talks, which are free to view across the world. While not specifically about Montessori Education, many talks discuss the challenges to our education system and projects taking place to reenergise education. By suggesting ways to empower teachers and students to learn what they need, in ways which suit them. TED is excellent inspiration.