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Here you will find my Association Montessori International Casa and Elementary lesson albums and a complete guide to the theory behind them. I have released them under a Creative Commons Licence at Montessori Commons for people who do not have the opportunity to attend trainings. If you are fortunate enough to attend a training please don’t submit these - as each training differs slightly. This is a not-for-profit site, maintained occasionally, in our own time, for the benefit of people wishing to use Montessori and the children in their care.

I am beginning my fifth year supervising a Montessori environment and am now wanting to share my perspective on how other things that are precious to me are aligned to Montessori pedagogy. I find that beautiful things of worth have a habit of coming together and complementing each other, so in that spirit I wish to offer my insights of how other practices are helpful to our work as Montessorians and are useful things we wish to pass onto the children we influence. In the ‘Community’ section of the website I describe my own learning journey and the people and processes which have influenced me. In the Inclusion section I describe my understanding of how Montessori classrooms can be open to all children, regardless of their difficulties.

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The Creative Commons

The Creative Commons licence means all of the work on Montessori Commons is available for FREE. People around the world now have access to high quality and accurate Montessori information to use how they wish.

You may use these materials under the following conditions. If you use the materials you should reference Montessori Commons as the original source. If you adapt it, you must re-share it. You should not, and will never have to pay to access the information available on this site.

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I have included a link to Aseema, a charitable organisation helping children from the slums of Mumbai, if you have spare time, materials, cash or anything else please contact them they are wonderful. If you know of other great Montessori organisations working in difficult conditions let me know maybe we can promote them here too.

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Technology, Education and Design; TED talks, which are free to view across the world. While not specifically about Montessori Education, many talks discuss the challenges to our education system and projects taking place to reenergise education. By suggesting ways to empower teachers and students to learn what they need, in ways which suit them. TED is excellent inspiration.