Exercises of Practical Life

All Exercises of Practical Life



Elementary Movements 

Rolling a mat

Putting down a chowki

Sitting down and getting up from a chair

Moving a large table

Putting down and lifting a glass

Carrying a sharp or pointed object

Screwing and unscrewing bottles

Folding napkins along the medial and the diagonal

Putting down a rolled Working Mat

Picking up folded cloths

Carrying small folded cloths

Sitting on a Mat

Carrying a tray

Putting down and lifting a glass

Using a pedal bin

Opening and closing boxes

Carrying a bucket containing water

Using a pipette



Grace and Courtesy 


Greeting (introduction)

Greeting a person

Offering (introduction)

Offering a cup of tea

Offering a pointed object

Responding to a signal given by an adult

Approaching the adult

Observing a presentation given to another child or group of children

Observing another child at work

How to walk quietly

Blowing ones nose

Introducing oneself, friends and an adult

Opening a door for another

Knocking before entering

Offering help to a friend

Offering a chair to a visitor

Serving a guest

Giving comfort to a friend

Ordering food in a restaurant

Passing a platter of food and choosing one item

Giving and receiving a gift

Answering the telephone and using the telephone to leave a message


Care of the Environment


Pouring grains using two jugs

Pouring liquids using three glasses

Dusting a chowki



Polishing activity (any one)

Scrubbing a table

Arranging flowers

Pouring using a funnel

Using a sponge to clean a tray

Pouring grains using three glasses

Pouring water into two jugs

Putting on an apron

Sweeping the Floor

Cleaning the floor using a cloth

Washing Cloths


Care of Person


Frames: General material description

Unfastening and fastening of press studs or large buttons or hooks and eyes

Unfastening and fastening of buckles or ribbons or laces*


Polishing shoes

Washing hands

Washing hands at the sink

Checking oneself in the four mirrors

Cleaning Shoes

Using a safely pin

Unfastening and fastening press-studs

Unfastening and fastening hooks and eyes

Unfastening and fastening ribbons

Unfastening and fastening laces

Brushing and combing hair



Walking on the Line

Silence Activity



Use of the needlework card

Thread a needle and make a knot

Sewing a button

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