Parts of Speech


Material Description:

Symbol for the conjunction, pink line and other symbols, grammar box 8 and filler box 8a.



No oral introduction



In the same way as the verb, here one example has no conjunction, but has two sentences, the other example is joined by a conjunction.


For example, ‘Do  not look this word up in the dictionary. Look it up in the encyclopaedia’ and ‘Do not look this word up in the dictionary, but in the encyclopaedia’



The symbols are placed over the cards, ‘We use pink line to represent the conjunction’.

Put back the objects, cards and symbols before repeating with all of the Long Cards.


Name Lesson

Remove the cards which name the parts of speech from the Grammar box, revealing the preposition last.


After working through all the cards, say, ‘Do you remember how we talked about many parts of speech? Today we have used a very interesting part of speech like and, but, neither, nor these words join different phrases or sentences’. Ask the children to identify conjunctions from the eight sets of cards, for any conjunctions they can think of, for other parts of speech and to describe the parts of speech.


After the lesson:

The children continue to work with the filler boxes for some time.



If the conjunction is removed the sentence splits, if it is put in the correct place it is not necessary to repeat the verb or object, if the conjunction is placed elsewhere in the sentence the relationship between the phrases is missing.


To put away

Shuffle the cards



Give an oral introduction if the child’s language is poor.

The card shows examples of two words with the same meaning, like ‘neither/nor’ on the same cards.

The children should gain experience before using the printed command cards.


When to give the lesson:

After the pronoun grammar box


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