Care of Environment

Dusting a small table (chowki)

Material Description:

A tray with a duster and brushes and a chowki already placed to fold duster.  A dusty chowki and pedal bin need to be available.


  • With the child examine a chowki or other area for dust, decide to clean it
  • Ask the child to take a duster, carrying it with index and thumb pinching the duster half way down each side and fold it
  • Place the duster on the chowki at the base right corner
  • With the right hand move the duster towards the left
  • Stop moving when the edge of the duster is a few centimetres away from the left edge
  • Lift the duster and show the child the dust
  • Bring it back to the right, overlapping it with part of the area that has already been dusted


  • Continue in the same manner until the entire surface is clean
  • Draw the child’s attention to the left side of the chowki
  • Place the duster at the left base corner and slowly move the dust-line up to the left corner
  • Stop moving when the duster is a few centimetres away from the top edge
  • Fold the duster around the dust collected
  • Keeping it folded take the duster to the dustbin, open using the pedal
  • Beat-off the dust, keeping the face away


  • Inspect the chowki, keeping the head and eyes level with the surface
  • Dust legs moving from bottom to top


  • Let the child get a fresh duster and repeat
  • Tell the child to wash her hands




Points of Interest:

  • The vertical dust-line left at the left edge
  • The duster and dust collected
  • The dust around the duster




  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Two and a half years






  • The child must be familiar with how to use the pedal bin and with folding napkins. Later on show the child how to dust the underside of the surface, if necessary the chowki can be raised.
  • Shelves and their undersides can be dusted by children after they have removed the objects, placing them on mats or tables while they dust
  • In addition a brush and feather duster can be used for ornaments
  • Model choosing a duster or any folded cloth from a pile by lifting each one  separately and putting it on a pile to one side.  After selecting a duster keep it separate while the others are returned to the pile








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