Bodywork, Focusing and Montessori

Bodywork in Montessori Lessons As those of you who teach in Casas will know Montessori gave two key lessons to young children which require them to use their bodies – Walking on the Line and the Silence Activity. As Montessori’s we want to engage the whole child, and yet, apart from these two activities most

Self Care Introduction

Together we are able to do so much more than we can do alone. In this section I have shared some of my writings about processes that I think are very helpful in achieving the kind of world Montessori described.  Perfecting the way we give lessons is not going to help children if we are

Changing habits to meet values: using Personal Development Education and Education for Sustainability.

Dissertation submitted as course requirement for the MSc in Education for Sustainability, South Bank University. Abstract My aim was to clarify the relationship between Personal Development Education and Education for Sustainability and to see if the learning principals used in Personal Development Education could benefit the field of Education for Sustainability.  I used modern Western

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