Care of Person

Cleaning Shoes

Material Description:

A pair of child’s shoes.  In a basket or tray have a brush to remove dirt, a flannel 20cm2, marked with a shoe motif on one corner.  Have a piece of paper to cover the floor and an oil cloth.  Have multiple sets for groups of children who arrive together, each set should be colour coded.



  • Set up the paper and oil cloth
  • Empty the basket or tray placing each item on the oil cloth in order and naming it
  • Bring the shoes from the cloakroom, the owner’s permission, do not remove the laces
  • Put both shoes on the paper cloth, check for dirt
  • Clean away the dirt with the brush
  • Take the flannel with the right hand, holding the shoe with the left hand inserted into it and wipe the shoe from toe to opening, changing the position of the shoe only if necessary
  • With the same movements polish the other shoe
  • Put the material on the shelf
  • Replace the shoes in the cloakroom


  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation


Age at Presentation:

Two and a half years



This activity will take place in the cloakroom when done by the child, it is moved into the living room for the demonstration only

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