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Unfastening and Fastening large buttons


Material Description:

The left flap overlaps the right one, the buttons are stitched on the right side, with long stems which will allow he button to be turned to a vertical position without pulling n the thread.  On the left hand flap button holes, horizontal slits, are slightly wider than the diameter of the button.  Have five to six buttons per frame



Other frames with small buttons and buttons of different shapes should be made with flaps with a different type of cloth.



  • Keep it after the press studs



  • To open
  • Start at the top
  • With your right index finger and thumb hold the left flap near to the top of the button hole, with your left index finger and thumb hold the button upright in the button hole. Pause
  • With the right hand bring the left flap over the button until the left hand is pushed off and the button is released completely
  • Release the right hand and lower the left flap, with the left hand over the button completely
  • Repeat with the other buttons


  • Inspect to see if any button is visible from the top to bottom
  • Fully open the left flap
  • Fully open the right flap


  • To close
  • Close the right flap over and then the left, start at the top Start at the top
  • Check that the buttons and hole are aligned
  • Insert the left thumb below the left flap, near the top button hole and hold the flap with the left index and thumb
  • Turn the flap a little to expose the button
  • Hold the button with your right index finger and thumb and make it stand upright
  • Bring the left flap over the button so that the button comes through the button hole
  • Release the left hand and show the button which has come through the hole
  • Hold the button with your left index and thumb
  • Release the right hand
  • Hold the left flap with the right index and thumb, bring the flap down over the button till the button comes out of the hole (the button should never be pulled or pushed or made to change its direction)
  • Put the button into a horizontal position with your left index and thumb if necessary
  • Release your left hand, then your right hand
  • Repeat with the other buttons till all the buttons are through the hole


  • Let the child open and close the flaps



Points of Interest:

  • Move the fabric not the button
  • The button standing vertically in the button hole
  • The button peeping out of the hole
  • The left flap must overlap the right




  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Three years, after the presentation of the press stud frame




  • The left flap is over the right so that the child can see the movements easily
  • If the buttons are square the stem should be longer than half of the length of the diagonal
  • If the buttons are triangular the stem should be longer than half the height
  • If the buttons are polygons the stem should be longer than the radius

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