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Pouring water into three glasses

Material Description:

Have a plastic tray or one which has a base covered in an oil cloth.  On the tray there will be three to five glasses, cups or mugs and a jug kept at the right base corner.  The glasses are arranged diagonally from the left-base corner to the top-right corner, to give the most space and reduce the chance of an accident.  The whole set should be made of the same material.  In the Children’s House have three or four sets in different materials (e.g. brass, china, steel, glass, plastic or earthern-ware) for this activity.  The jug should contain enough water to pour into each of the glasses and there should be a cloth and a sponge to mop up any spills.


  • Ask the child to unfold the cloth and keep it at the left top corner
  • Place the fingers inside the handle of the jug and the thumb on the top or outer edge of the handle
  • Carry it to the top right glass
  • Raise the jug slightly higher than the height  of the glass
  • When the jug is above the centre of the glass indicate this by drawing a line in the air with the left index finger
  • Rotate the wrist and begin to pour
  • Stop when the glass is three-quarters full
  • Wipe the jug with the cloth from base to spout, using the drying cloth with the left hand.


  • Repeat the same movements until all the glasses are filled, moving from top right to base left
  • Return the jug to the base corner
  • Empty the glasses pouring the water back into the jug, starting with the top right glass, wait for the last drop
  • Check to see if any water has been spilt, using the sponge to mop it up and squeeze it back into the jug


  • Pour the water from the jug down the sink
  • Hang the cloth out to dry and replace it with a fresh one to complete the set
  • Return the material to the shelves letting the jugs air-dry



Points of Interest:

  • After pouring the water back from the glasses wait until the last drop has left and show that it is completely empty
  • Centre the mouth of the jug over the glass
  • The jug should be held high enough
  • Do not overfill the glasses




  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Two and a half years




To make the task easier it can be done with spoons, one large and three small bowls.  To make the more complex use more glasses, different size and shape glasses








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