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Pouring grains using two jugs

Material Description:

Have a plastic tray or one which has a base covered in an oil cloth.  On the tray there will be two jugs kept at different sides.  Both jugs should be made of the same material.  In the Children’s House have three or four sets in different materials (e.g. brass, china, steel, glass, plastic or earthern-ware) for this activity.


  • Place the fingers inside the handle of the jug and the thumb on the top or outer edge of the handle
  • Carry it to the other jug
  • Raise the jug slightly higher than the height of the jug
  • When the jug is above the centre of the jug indicate this by drawing a line in the air with the left index finger
  • Rotate the wrist and begin to pour
  • Stop when the jug is completely empty
  • Return the jug back to it’s place


  • Repeat the same movements with the other jug


  • Check to see if any grains have been spilt, collect them up and put them in the jug



Points of Interest:

  • Centre the mouth of the jug over the other jug
  • Not spilling any grains
  • The jug should be held high enough





  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Two and a half years




To make the task easier it can be done with spoons.To make the more complex use smaller grains.







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