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Unfastening and Fastening Press Studs

Material Description:

The flaps of the press button frame are made of cloth, the edges of the right flap overlap the left flap.  Along the left flap is a series of cavity holes, (the thread of which cannot be seen on the ‘good’ side).  Along the open edge of the right flap are a corresponding series of studs, placed 1 centimetre from the edge.  There are five or six equidistant press-studs in total.



Another frame with large press studs made with flaps with a different type of cloth should be available, for example one which is similar to those used for jeans



  • Keep it to the far left



  • To open
  • Start at the top
  • Insert the right thumb between the flaps, just under the press stud and the index finger on top
  • Insert the right thumb nail in between the cavity hole and the stud, let the stud fall open
  • Lift the flap as above, with the right thumb and index, show how the stud falls away from the cavity
  • Repeat with the other press studs


  • Fully open the right flap
  • Fully open the left flap


  • To close
  • Close the left flap over and then the right, start at the top
  • Check that the cavity holes and studs are aligned
  • Hold the right flap, between the stud and the right side of the fabric, pinched between the thumb and index of the right hand
  • Place the stud over the cavity hole
  • Press the top of the flap, where the stud is, with the right index
  • Listen for the click when the stud goes into the cavity hole
  • Repeat with the others


  • Let the child open and close the flaps



Points of Interest:

  • Move the fabric not the press stud
  • Only use the right hand to open and close
  • The noise made when the press stud clips together
  • The right flap must overlap the left




  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation



Age at Presentation:

Three years

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