Putting down and lifting a glass

Material Description:

In a basket or tray have some bottles with different types of glasses, of different sizes.  The glasses should be kept on a tray and the tray should be on a firm surface.


  • To lower bring the hand down to just above the tray
  • Tilt the wrist so that the bottom of the glass at the side where the fingers are touches the tray.
  • Lower the underside of the glass in a clockwise direction bringing the whole bottom surface of the glass onto the tray.
  • Ask the child if they heard any noise


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  • To raise using the right hand place the index, middle and ring finger pads on one side of the glass.
  • Place the thumb at the opposite side of the glass
  • Move the hand up slowly

Points of Interest:

  • The glass is kept horizontal
  • A portion of the glass is put down first, the angle must not be too steep


  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation

Age at Presentation:

Two and a half years


This activity can also be used for vases, boxes, bottles and other similar objects in the Children’s home.  It can be combined with screwing and unscrewing bottles, using a dropper and opening boxes. Grains and water can be placed in the glasses and the child can check for spills and wipe with a cloth.


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