Introduction to History

History is the account of the gradual dawning of human consciousness, it is mainly unknown to us, taking place in pre-history. On a cosmic level it is the history of all the living and non-living aspects of our world, and at a personal level we have the ability to reflect on our experiences, our understandings and evaluate and plan for our future.


Presentation of Human History to Children

We expose children to the positive aspects of Human history, focusing on the gifts Humans have which make them uniquely creative.

  • Free hands, with an opposable thumb and upright posture which enable them to act,
  • Large brain to think and imagine
  • Heart which is capable of love for those they do not know, to motivate the thinking and acting.


Practicalities of Presenting History

We present history to the children as the work done so far to reach the aims of the cosmic plan, as our work to come together as humanity so far. We show how humans have worked together because we wish to provide children with confidence that humanity can be a positive force, and to encourage them to want to relate to other humans and contribute.  We show the children the relationships between different agents of creation as this provides interest to children of the second plane. The aim of teaching History is to demonstrate the underlying natural solidarity of all life in time and space, including all Human life.

Cosmic Stories

History is given from the whole to the particular in Great Stories and Key Lessons which open up all the other areas of the curriculum


The God with No Hands – introduces ideas of law, order and harmony (can be in History or Geography)

The Coming of Life – shows the preparation of the Earth for Humans

The Black Strip – gives a linear representation of the time it took before Humans appeared

The Coming of Humans – focuses on the three special gifts of Humans

The Hand Time-Line – shows humans adapting to their environment, using the things around them to create physical supranatura

The Story of the Communication and Arithmetic shows the contribution of Humans to the spiritual Supranatura (opening the areas of Language and Arithmetic).


Presenting early humans

We give impressionistic stores about early human life, they are general, universal stories about how ordinary people may have survived, lived, developed communication and arithmetic.  We show them as whole beings, spiritual and practical.  We show how they made changes so that they could enjoy the lives and in doing so allow children to relate to the figures of the distant past and see how they can contribute towards making changes for people in the future.  The impression of the greatness of time is given by unrolling the black strip.


We focus in particular, on two great inventions of Humans which were essential powers in aiding other achievements.


  1. Language (both spoken and written) Language led to a group intelligence that allowed us to develop beyond the individual
  2. Number which was required for the development of Science.


The development of Language and Number allow us to understand and appreciate how people living in a very simple way contributed directly to us, and to the cosmic plan.  This directs the second plane child’s characteristic of Hero-worship towards the magnificence of the whole of Humanity and their own potential.





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