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Unfastening and fastening of Buckles

Material Description:

The right flap overlaps the left.  It is better if the flaps are made of leather and the part near to the opening must be.  The buckles with pins are fixed to a strap which is attached at the middle left flap’s rod.  Over the right flap the straps are attached, each with a series of holes, there are five to six pairs of buckles and straps.


Other frames with different shapes types of buckles should be available


  • Keep it after the large button


  • To open the buckle
  • With the right thumb and index, pull the buckle back and with the left index and thumb hold the strap and push it to the right until a loop is formed
  • Release hands
  • Insert your right thumb through the loop and pinch the buckle between it and your index finger, turning the strap to your right
  • Pull the strap and let the pin jump out of the hole
  • With the left index turn the pin to the left
  • Insert the left thumb under the buckle, placing the index on top, raise until the buckled strap stands vertically, releasing the right hand
  • Smooth the right strap flat with your right index and with the left thumb and index bring  place the buckle over strap
  • Release hands
  • With the right little finger turn the pin to the right
  • Do the same until all of the buckles are pen
  • Open the flaps as usual
  • To close the flaps together
  • Bring the left flap to the middle, then the right flap over it
  • Put the right index under the right flap and with your right thumb hold the flap (and raise the right flap)
  • Flatten the right strap and secure it with the right index
  • With the left thumb and index hold the buckle and turn it to your left
  • While bringing the rest of the buckles over the right flap do the same movements but before raising the right flap place the right index below the previous buckle which is over the right flap
  • When all the buckles are over with the right thumb lift all the straps one by one and check that all the pins are to the right
  • To close the buckle
  • With the left index adjacent to the buckle hold the strap down
  • With the right little finger turn the pins to the left
  • Keep the left index down while inserting the left thumb under the buckle and lift to a vertical position
  • Hold the right strap between the right index and thumb
  • Insert the strap completely through the buckle and lower, then release the left hand
  • With the right thumb and index still in place, turn the strap towards the right till the last hole is seen
  • With the left index turn the pin to the right
  • Show that the pin is near to the hole
  • With the left index., hold down the pin and turn the strap to the left
  • Release the left index
  • Show that the pin has come out of the hole and then push the pin to the right with the index finger
  • Bend over the right strap with the right thumb, index and middle fingers
  • Wit the left index raise the buckle and insert the strap through the buckle
  • Release both hands
  • Do the same movements to close all the buckles
  • Inspect to see that all the pins face the right

Points of Interest:

  • The pin jumping out
  • Hold down the pin with the right little finger


  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation

Age at Presentation:

Three and a half years

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