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Unfastening and fastening of Ribbons

Material Description:

There are two flaps facing each other, but slightly apart.  On each of the flaps are five to six ribbons, the ribbons on one of the flaps are a different colour than the ribbons on the other flap.  The ribbons should have a ‘right’ shiny side and a ‘wrong’, dull side, they are sewn on the cloth shiny side up.  Each ribbon should be one centimetre wide and twenty-eight centimetres long, stitched below or beneath the flap at one end and hemmed at the other.  They should be ironed daily.  Demonstrate on two chowkis so that when opened the ribbons do not touch the floor.


Other frames with different ribbons should be available


  • Keep it after the buckle frame


  • To undo the bow
  • Hold the right loose end with the right index and thumb and then the left loose end with the index, holding it down.  Gently pull the right end slowly to the right
  • Pause, see the loop, then pool the ribbon till the loop jumps out of the knot
  • Straighten the ribbon with the right hand over the frame
  • With the same movements straighten the right
  • Open all the bows in the same way
  • Check to see that the ribbons appear on the shiny side up
  • Put the left index finger, nail downwards to the base of the knot
  • Gently move it right and left to loosen the knot
  • With the right index finger and thumb hold the ribbon which is on top and tease out the right ribbon, bit by bit and release
  • Place the ribbons over the corresponding flaps
  • Continue till all the ribbons are open, dull side facing up
  • Open both flaps ensuring the ribbons do not hit the floor
  • To make the knot
  • Bring the flaps to the middle as usual
  • Straighten the ribbons over the flaps, dull side up
  • Hold the left ribbon near the end with the right index and thumb and put it above the right ribbon on the right flap
  • Hold the right ribbon with the right index and thumb, bring it over the left flap
  • The left ribbon is above the right one, shiny side up
  • Do the same with the rest of the ribbons
  • Insert the right index from above the ribbon on the right flap and smoothen it
  • Hold it with the right thumb, about three centimetres away from where the ribbons cross
  • In the same way hold the ribbon on the left flap with the left index and thumb
  • Bring the ribbon held with the right hand across and over the left ribbon, bringing your arm down, (the left ribbon is now turned at a right angle)
  • Push the ribbon with your right thumb under the ribbon hold with your left hand
  • Show the thumb coming out wrapped in ribbon
  • Place the right middle finger next to the right thumb and place the right index on the right thumb
  • Release the right thumb and join it with the middle finger and index
  • Slide the ribbon out bit by bit
  • Put the ribbon over the right flap and straighten in
  • Release the left hand
  • With the same movements tie all the base knots
  • To make the bow insert the right middle finger way down directly under the right ribbon from the top near the frame and hold it with your right thumb
  • Lift the ribbon with your right hand to a vertical position
  • Show that the dull side is facing you
  • Place your left thumb against the middle of the ribbon, which is vertical and fold the ribbon letting your right middle finger rest on the knot and make a loop
  • Hold the loop at its base between the right index and thumb
  • Release your left thumb.  With the left hand hold the ribbon on the left flap about three centimetres away from the knot
  • Bring the ribbon held with the left hand anti-clockwise around the loop
  • Insert to theft thumb with the ribbon wrapped below the loop sliding it over the right middle finger below the right thumb
  • The left thumb comes out with the ribbon towards the right and is resting on the right middle finger
  • The right thumb is on the left thumb which is still wrapped in the ribbon
  • Hold the loop towards the right thumb and the middle finger
  • Remove the left thumb
  • The right middle finger and the thumb are holding the lower loop
  • With the left index and thumb hold the top loop gently
  • Make the bow bringing the loops out lightly, straighten them (do not pull the loops) make adjustments, as the end of the ribbons should be equal to the end of the loop.  Repeat the same movements for the remaining ribbons.
  • Check to see
  • The loose ends and the loops should be of equal lengths
  • The top loop and the ends should be shiny side up
  • The other colour ribbon should be seen as a vertical line in the middle on it’s shiny side
  • The lower lop should be seen on it’s dull side
  • The lower loose end should be on it’s shiny side

Points of Interest:

  • Loosen the knot gently with the left index finger
  • The thumb comes out wrapped in the ribbon each time


  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation

Age at Presentation:

Three and a half years

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