Sewing on a Button

Material Description:

A sewing box with darning needles kept in a box, and a plait of thick thread or wool, (ideally rolled into a ball which is teased out from the centre), small reels of thread, buttons and felt all in different colours, a small pair of scissors, an orange stick and a mat.


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  • Put the box on a chowki, unfold the mat and lay out the items from the box in order of use and naming them.
  • Remove one needle from the box and place it in the pin cushion
  • Let the child choose a colour of thread, felt and a button, one at a time placing the discarded ones back into the sewing box
  • Ask the child to thread the needle and knot the thread
  • Place the button in the centre of the thread with holes horizontal
  • With the left hand hold the button tightly to the felt
  • With the right hand take the needle, pass it through the felt and button hole
  • Pass the needle through the other hole and felt
  • Repeat for seven or eight stitches
  • Show the child that the button is very loose
  • Place the felt on the mat and the needle in the pin cushion
  • Put the orange stick between the felt and the button and continue to stitch the button
  • Bring the needle between the felt and the button, removing the stick
  • Hold the felt in the left hand while winding the thread around the loose threads below he button to make a stem
  • Put the needle through the felt to the back and knot the loose thread

Points of Interest:

  • The button should be loose at first


  • Co-ordination of Movement
  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Social Adaptation

Age at Presentation:

Three and a half to four years


  • Use a button with four holes, making diagonal or parallel stitches
  • Also show the use of a crochet hook and wool, how to spin using a cotton ball and teasing it out and a child size loom


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